PIT Athletics - Youth Program

When training with PIT Athletics, a friendly staff member will help you set up and get on your way. PIT Athletics is a youth program at The Coliseum Sports Complex that offers Group Training for ages 9 - 17 years old. We use your first session to gather the information necessary to prepare a month of entirely individualized training materials. Following the assessment, athletes execute personalized training materials in a group setting. New clients can expect the first couple of weeks of training with us to be extremely coaching intensive.


Strength and conditioning Athletes will learn the basic movements of weightlifting, Olympic lifts, and strength training movement patterns to improve the performance of competitive athletes or athletic team, and to improve explosiveness and athleticism.


Speed and Agility workouts compliment and improve performance of all sports. Our workouts will improve your athlete's acceleration, deceleration, foot speed, quickness and change of direction. Speed and agility training increases the athlete's ability to move fast. This ability will help your athlete's raise their game to the next level.


Endurance and Team Building is a high Intensity group training classes, where your athletes will learn to work together as a team. Each class is set up differently, with full body explosive athletic movements, with full body athletic bodyweight movements inbetween done together as a group. The athletes will learn camaraderie and teamwork by counting together, cheering for eachother, counting for eachother, and doing "domino" and "relay" excercises. Your athlete's will be pushed to the next level, and they will learn what they are truly capable of in these classes.

If you have any questions about our PIT athletics, send us an email or give us a call at (610) 615-8140